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upcoming SUPPLIER events

August 1, Market Tower Subcontractor Opportunities hosted by NAWBO-Indy. Send an email to to RSVP.

September 4, Indiana Supplier INsight and Bingham Greenbaum Doll are hosting the third of four supplier matchmaking events focusing on the capability of eCoating & plating. Contact Rich Murphy, Indiana Supplier INsight Manager ( for further details.

Headset Adapter,7-Aug,Nexpointe
Fan Link Fitting,5-Aug,Nexpointe
Self-Locking Nut,4-Aug,Nexpointe
Hoisting Beam,4-Aug,Nexpointe
Fuel Tube Assembly,4-Aug,Nexpointe
Tent Fly,1-Aug,Nexpointe
Support Assembly,1-Aug,Nexpointe
Connecting Link,31-Jul,Nexpointe
Socket Head Cap Screw,31-Jul,Nexpointe
Structural Tube,31-Jul,Nexpointe
Incremental Bridle,31-Jul,Nexpointe
Heat Shield,31-Jul


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