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The Indiana Automotive Council is an initiative with Conexus Indiana ( Members of the council include many high-profile manufacturers in our state including: Toyota, Honda, GM, Chrysler, Subaru, Cummins, Allison, AM General, and several others.

Among the strategic initiatives identified, the council has committed to developing “a more robust and comprehensive automotive supply chain” within the state of Indiana. This initiative includes attracting, developing, and enhancing key areas of supplier capabilities where there is a perceived gap. The four areas identified by the council are: metal stamping, tool & die, eCoating & plating, and forging & casting.

To support this strategic initiative, Conexus Indiana is organizing supplier matchmaking events focused on the aforementioned capabilities. The first matchmaking event focused on the capability of Metal Stamping and was held in early May. The buyers included many high-profile OEM's; Cummins, Allison Transmission, Delphi, and Aisin USA. A total of 7 buyer representatives were matched with 9 supplier representatives for quick 15-minute introductory meetings. The results of this event included follow-up meetings and suppliers immediately entering the quoting process with OEM's.

Comments from the attendees include: “The meeting facilities and organization was outstanding”, “the quality and quantity of suppliers/buyers was perfect”, "I didn't know these companies existed in the state of Indiana", “I would never be able to meet with the caliber of companies without this event”, and “very worth the investment of time to attend”. Eventually, our expectation is that these suppliers will begin filling orders for these OEM's. That's good for the Indiana economy, the automotive industry, and the communities where these suppliers are located.

Want to learn more about these supplier matchmaking events? Contact Rich Murphy, Program Manager, Indiana Supplier INsight via email or call 317.532.4779.

Engine Water Outlet,28-Aug,Nexpointe
Quick Release Pin,28-Aug,Nexpointe
Rod End Connector,25-Aug,Nexpointe
Weak Leak End Fitting,20-Aug,Nexpointe
Vehicle Body Stake,20-Aug,Nexpointe
DIG Computer System,19-Aug,Nexpointe
Sleeve and Slide,19-Aug,Nexpointe
Shoulder Bolt,18-Aug,Nexpointe
Horizontal Stabilizer,18-Aug,Nexpointe


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